Cottage School

The past two years has been really difficult to navigate a rental space for our homeschool group. Limited choices, understaffed churches, fear of the unknown and pricing to name a few hurdles has made things challenging. The biggest hurdle is to get a church to open their doors in the first place.

After careful consideration we decided to move to a cottage school model for now which keeps our numbers low, budget more balanaced, and allows us endless storage of all our supplies.

Many scholé groups do cottage style in home meetings and it works for them. The draw back is no room to grow, limited classroom space, and more cleaning and organizing on the part of the homeowner.

Apprentice Class – Science Experiment

Until more churches can welcome outsiders, not over charge, and allow some storage we will likely be meeting in our homes. Non religious buildings are quadruple what we would pay at a church. Owning a buidling that would work for us would be in the over a million mark in our area.

We feel very blessed and appreciative of the churches that did welcome us over the years. It is no small thing to take a chance on people outside your parishioners.

Our vision, is to someday own property and have a lovely outside classroom space and really get the feel of a Charlotte Mason style scholè. God willing this can be what we have to look forward to. In the meantime, we put this scholè under the authority of Jesus Christ, Yeshua the Annointed and will lean in and be still to hear that little voice.

We pray all this and His protection 🙏. Amen.

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