What Is Scholé?

The word scholé (pronounced skoh-LAY) comes from a Greek word meaning “restful learning,” with connotations of reflection, contemplation, and leisure.

As our name implies, we are a Scholé Group. We value learning that is restful rather than hectic or over scheduled. How do our philosophies and methods differ from those put out by the general public educational programs? Firstly, we would like to get rid of the anxiety and offer instead an environment to foster the love of learning. In traditional education you will often find  students commonly taking eight or more classes at a time, which contributes to the stress and anxiety now associated with the term “student.” For each of their classes, students are typically graded numerically by teachers who are often driven to “teach to the test” and who must use assessments that produce easily quantified data—in other words, dehumanizing tests that are machine readable. Students in such a system learn to cram, pass, and then forget.

Apprentice Class

By contrast, Scholé Groups seek to create slower paced learning with meaningful, deep engagement of fewer books and subjects, so that learning becomes lasting, engaging, and memorable. Arbor Academy TX, Scholé Group seeks to create an environment of restful learning by being an example of peace, tranquility, love of the subject, and we hold in high esteem methods of evaluation that assess understanding and mastery of the subject rather than just the memorization and spouting of facts.

We want to foster work to create engaged discussion and learning and seek to build relationships among student and adult learners. You still very much get a school day with us but you may find our delivery system quite different. In our scholé we want to have an atmosphere of contemplation, conversation, and truth discovery. If we can weave beauty then with truth in such a way that encourages wisdom which leads to mastery then we have done our best to provide a classical approach to your child’s education.

If you are interested in exploring the concept of scholé in more depth, we recommend these resources to you.

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