Casting the vision is very challenging to new families. We have found that training, observations, interviews, and several phone calls are sometimes not enough.

This coming Fall we want to do observations differently by asking the parent to be the student and stay the whole day as such. Get ready to bring your pencils and a notebook!

If the parent can see what the end goal is, how materials are presented, and how instruction is made we can better equip parents on expectations for the school year.

A classical liberal arts education asks the student to become a whole person filled with instrunsic motivation to learn and a hunger for the good, the truth and the beautiful. Instead of moving towards a salary and the ultimate career we ask students to discover what they love, what they are good at, and what they can do to impact the most common good for all. Community, collaboration, love of others, and discovering truth is more important here at Arbor Academy then anything else. We want to know what God is calling us to do, and move your students toward that goal.

Observations that are made as the student, we feel, would help to cast this vision. We look forward to meeting you.

Jessica Oren, Founder

Published by Arbor Academy TX, A Scholé Group

Director, Founder, and Teacher.

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