Amanda Harring, Apprentice Guide & Lead Teacher

Amanda Harring, Lead Teacher

Meet your Mentor and Teacher


Amanda Harring graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington with a BA in English, as well as a minor in Secondary Education. She has also acquired several teaching certifications throughout the years. She has an extremely diverse teaching background, with experience in public and private schools in both the United States and abroad. She has taught all ages and all types of learners. Her teaching philosophy is to instill a love of learning in all students and help them to become productive, thriving members of society. She aspires to create lifelong learners who crave knowledge both inside and outside of the classroom. Once her first child was born in 2016, she wanted to cut back her hours, but still be able to continue her passion for teaching. This is when she found Arbor Academy (SAND Co-Op at the time), and it was the perfect fit. She is thrilled to begin her fourth year of teaching as head teacher at Arbor Academy this year.

Classes Taught

Apprentice Class (7th – 10th)
Projects Class
Drama & Choir
Leadership Class
SAT and ACT Prep
High School Tutoring Available
NCFCA Christian Speech & Debate Teacher

“The formation of habits is education,

and education is the formation of habits.”

Charlotte Mason, Home Education

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