Historical Trip to San Antonio & Austin

Adventures for our hybrid micro-school, Arbor Academy TX, A Scholé Group

Photo by JOSE GIL on Pexels.com



From:  Arbor Academy TX

To:  Business Owners 

Dear Business Owner, Manager, Someone that makes decisions, and any who will, inevitably, become our friends; 

I am Jessica Oren, Director and Founder of Arbor Academy TX. Our school is made up of families. Families that give everything to our academy, but we need your help.  At Arbor Academy, we seek to help children of all ages by helping them discover the good, the true and the beautiful by exposing them to a plethora of knowledge and teaching them how to think instead of what to think. Our students are critical thinkers, giving to the community, are change makers and classically trained. 

While we have made some great strides, Arbor Academy TX still has a lot to accomplish. 

We need, and are asking for your support, to help our Apprentice class, which is our highest level of students, see the history of our state and dive deep into Texas stories and help take them on a trip to San Antonio and the Capital. Our plans are to visit the Alamo, the Missions, the Capital, and so much more.  We are not a public school and receive zero governmental funds, and because of this, we use private funds for all of our field trips. This is the first time we are endeavoring to take a field trip outside of the city. We are certified Schole classical, can proctor CLT testing and Stanford testing and can make transcripts accepted by colleges but have little funds outside of our families.  

I, and the families, are asking if you’d consider donating a gift card or physical product to your store or operation that can be raffled to the community to help us achieve our mission.  Essentially, you’ll receive something in return because your helping us will bring people to your business. 

If you have any questions, I would be happy to provide you with more information, assurance, and any concern you might need help with in supporting Arbor Academy, TX. 

We, as a cooperative academy, appreciate your donation, and it will be used for a wonderful trip for our Apprentices to have hands-on experience in the state of Texas. This will be a trip that gives our students a way to see our state outside of textbooks and further encourages us to push them to be their best, whatever that may be.  

Please join us!  With whatever donation you give, we are one step closer to bringing up altruistic humans, critical thinkers, and people that strive to better themselves as well as their neighbor. We want them to strive for truth.  Check out our sponsors down below!

Thank you very much,

Jessica Oren and the Families of Arbor Academy, TX   www.arboracademytx.com

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