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Jessica Oren

Jessica Oren in the Founder and Director of Arbor Academy TX and resides in Mckinney, Texas with her husband and three children where she works as as doula, herbalist, educator and ministry worker.

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  • Protected: In The Name of YeshA
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  • Observations
    Casting the vision is very challenging to new families. We have found that training, observations, interviews, and several phone calls are sometimes not enough. This coming Fall we want to do observations differently by asking the parent to be the student and stay the whole day as such.Continue reading “Observations”
  • Arbor Academy
    Scholé Academy seeks to provide superlative classical education.
  • The Ten Commandments: A Love Letter
    by Jessica Oren
  • Arbor’s Top 10 Classical Resources
    Classical Homeschooling Sources There are so many resources out there to choose from it is hard to narrow it down to just 10. We will indeed try to share what we think to be the most valuable resources for your classical homeschooling classroom. This is not a definitiveContinue reading “Arbor’s Top 10 Classical Resources”
  • The Great Books
    Living books and great literature unlock something in a person. They unlock worlds, ideas, curiosity, and a love of learning. When you read a great book you are on a journey.
  • What Is ClassicalU?
    ClassicalU is an online teacher-training platform that provides a clear path toward mastery for classical educators seeking to understand the classical tradition of education and teach with excellence. ClassicalU was launched in 2015 as a division of Classical Academic Press and has been gradually adding courses that feature veteran classicalContinue reading “What Is ClassicalU?”
  • What Is Scholé?
    The word scholé (pronounced skoh-LAY) comes from a Greek word meaning “restful learning,” with connotations of reflection, contemplation, and leisure. As our name implies, we are a Scholé Group. We value learning that is restful rather than hectic or over scheduled. How do our philosophies and methods differ from thoseContinue reading “What Is Scholé?”
  • Cottage School
    The past two years has been really difficult to navigate a rental space for our homeschool group. Limited choices, understaffed churches, fear of the unknown and pricing to name a few hurdles has made things challenging. The biggest hurdle is to get a church to open their doorsContinue reading “Cottage School”